With the World Cup just around the corner, this is a time for punters to put everything into order. This is the time to do all the research that one needs, to check the teams that are performing above expectations, teams that are struggling, teams that have picked strong World Cup squads and teams that have omitted some important players in their World Cup squads. Once that is all done, the next step in line is to choose the betting markets that one is going to specialise in. if you haven’t done so, worry no more as we have compiled a list of the top betting markets for the upcoming World Cup. These betting markets are available at all leading sportsbooks including netbet.co.uk.

3-way bets

At one stage or the other, all punters will have to use this market. For those who may not know, 3-way bets is a betting market in which a punter has to choose among three options i.e. the home team to win and away team to lose, away team to win and the home team to lose or both home and away teams to play out a draw either scoreless or score draw. This betting market is particularly perfect for those matches in which a clear favourite is facing a clear underdog. Suppose Saudi Arabia is about to face the reigning world champions, Germany, this is the best market to pick because it’s likely that the favourite is going to win and the underdog to lose.

Double chance

The double chance betting market is the market in which a punter picks two options as his/her bet. This is to say you are betting on the home team to either win or draw or the away team to either win or draw. Because you have a better chance of winning in this market in comparison to the 3-way bets, this market will have less favourable odds. However, if playing an accumulator, this market is still lucrative.

Both Teams to Score (BTTS)

Another betting market that should be at the top of your list is BTTS. This market is perfect when two evenly matched teams are facing each other. This market entails that the two teams will score against each other. It does not matter if the match ends in favour of the home team, away team or if it ends in a draw, as long as, both teams score, then you win.

First player to score

This betting market is self-explanatory, it means you are predicting the player who is going to score the first goal of the match. Punters using this market need to be people with at least basic knowledge about football i.e. people who know the players.

Total corner count

For those who are sceptical about predicting the outcome of a football match or the first player to score, they can opt for this market in which they have to predict the total number of corners both teams take in 90 minutes. Normally, a football match rarely produces less than 6 corner kicks in 90 minutes, therefore, any prediction of 7+ corner kicks guarantees a payout.